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Mold Control

The root cause of mold growth is continuous moisture intrusion. Mold can thrive anywhere as we are surrounded by mold spores. It may remains completely hidden from sight (behind walls and underneath carpets) and ultimately give rise to a rapid mold multiply. When humidity is high resulting from leakage, improper sealing, poor ventilation and flooding, the spores can grow in less than 24-48 hours like magic.

If mold is not properly treated, the mold spores become airborne easily. The mold problem not only bring you appearance concern, but to some people, it may cause different level of health hazard, like coughing, sneezing, wheezing, headache, irritations, asthma, nausea and even chronic fatigue.

Most people are ignorance to treat mold with chlorine bleach. Despite of the occupational and environmental concerns, bleach temporarily fades the color of mold but offering sufficient water content on substrate for the regrowth of mold a few weeks later. If you start using chlorine bleach to treat mold, it will become a never-ending story since the roots of mold intact and ready to come back again in weeks.